Welcome to Intoxicating World!

    We are Jason and Kate, the world travelers and drinkers behind the blog. Officially launched in 2017, Intoxicating World aims to provide entertainment and information for people who enjoy drinking and people who enjoy traveling (or both!) by sharing firsthand experiences of the history, culture, and booze of the world.

    Woman in pink dress and man in tank top with two monkeys in Roatan Honduras
    One red margarita and one yellow margarita on wooden table in Cozumel Mexico
    Man and woman in white tank tops standing in front of blue water Philipsburg St Maarten
    Blue salva vida beer can and green port royal export beer can on beach in Honduras

    It’s Travel with a Twist!

    If you have a sense of wanderlust and enjoy having a drink in your hand, you’ll settle in nicely here!

    Get inspired to travel the world, experiment with new libations at home, or find tips on the best places to bottletrot around the globe.

    About Us

    A married couple hailing from Orlando, Florida, we spent our first 30 years doing everything “right”. We went to college and grad school, worked professional jobs, and bought a house. We were very comfortable living in the ‘burbs and taking annual vacations while paying down student loans.

    Woman smiling with yellow frozen margarita while sitting at table in Cozumel Mexico garden


    Kate grew up in the Washington D.C. suburb of Rockville, Maryland. She earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s from Villanova University and transitioned to a successful career in corporate human resources.

    But Kate was bitten by the travel bug at an early age and was struggling with the concept of one vacation a year.

    Man wearing sunglasses while holding coffee cup in front of blue water and San Francisco skyline


    Jason grew up in Tampa, Florida. He earned a Bachelor’s from the University of Central Florida and a Master’s from Florida State University before settling in as a Regional Sales Manager working in sport and fitness.

    But Jason always had that entrepreneurial spirit and was struggling with the concept of “working for the man.”

    Becoming World Travelers

    After a stomach bug on vacation in 2016 sabotaged our one week away, we knew we needed to make a change. Consequently, we decided to act on the thought we both had in our heads, but until that point had been too complacent to act on: life’s too short to spend it cooped up in an office developing carpal tunnel and waiting for the next promotion. There was a whole world out there waiting for us to see it!

    The decision was made. We would leave our corporate jobs to pursue a new life as world travelers.

    Becoming Booze Bloggers

    We always enjoyed learning about and imbibing in all types of wine, beer, and spirits. Half of the vacation photos we had previously taken involved some kind of cocktail! Alcohol and drinking are deeply rooted in so many cultures and can open up a whole new view into the history and sociology of a locale.

    We knew we wanted to explore the globe, try new booze, and share it with the rest of the world. And thus, Intoxicating World was born!

    Travel experts? Not yet. Booze experts? Even less. In fact, we are quite the novices. But we are ready to learn and share our discoveries with those who will listen!

    So come along on our spirited journey as we taste what the world has to offer, one sip at a time!

    Proost! Santé! Salute! Cheers!

    Join our spirited adventure, one update at a time!

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