Intoxicating World is simple. It doesn’t need too much of an introduction. We like to drink, and we want to travel. We combined the two in a quest for an extraordinary life on the road.

    We’re Jason and Kate, recovering corporate America junkies who left it all behind in 2017. We won’t go into too much detail here about our personal stories because you can learn more on our About Us page. Instead, we’re going to focus on the Intoxicating World story.

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    What Intoxicating World is All About

    You don’t spend close to a decade in the business world without picking up a few things. As such, we feel it’s important to share the backbone of our blog.

    Vision Statement

    Empower our readers to enjoy what the world has to offer, one sip at a time!

    Mission Statement

    Provide entertainment and information for people who enjoy drinking and people who enjoy traveling (or both!) by sharing firsthand experiences of the history, culture, and booze of the world.


    • Be Real
    • Inspire Others
    • Explore the World
    • Celebrate Life

    What You Can Expect

    Ok, that was a little serious. Important information about Intoxicating World, yes. But when you consider our values, we think they help describe the tone and voice you’ll experience here.

    Words like “real” “inspire” “explore” and “celebrate” are meant to evoke emotion, excitement, adventure, and wanderlust. And we do that through a range of topics:

    • Destinations – to help you plan and see (and drink) your way through any location around the globe;
    • Booze & Bars – to introduce you to new, different, and unique alcoholic beverages and experiences we encounter along the way; and
    • The Tip Jar – to share our travel, blogging, drinking, and life tips for your consumption.

    The blog posts you read are authored by Kate, using her communications background and love of words. The pictures you see are taken and edited by Jason, calling upon his creativity and newly acquired photography skills.

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    What’s Next

    You can follow our spirited journey in any number of ways:

    The experiences and booze we share will be our way to inspire you to seek your own adventures, try something new, or follow your dreams.


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    So, what would you like to see us cover on the blog? Leave us a comment below to share insights on where we should travel, what we should drink, or the best bar in your hometown!


    Kate is Co-Founder and Content Creator at Intoxicating World, a travel blog featuring the history, culture, and booze of the world. She loves a good cabernet, won’t turn down a dirty vodka martini, and will usually order the Hefeweizen on tap.
    Join our spirited adventure, one update at a time!

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